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Swanson Harp Company has added harp covers to its business. With so many harp covers now on the market, what’s different about these?

1) They are made from strong cotton twill that is lined with a soft flannel.

2) They close in the front with long cotton ties. Our ties are soft and flexible and stay tied. They are sewn on with reinforcing patches so they won’t pull loose or rip a hole in the cover. To access the column, you just have to untie one tie where you want to put your hand. Ties mean you can close and open the cover quietly, and you won’t scratch the column with velcro or zipper teeth.

3) Our covers are plain black with no writing on them. Your harp can sit on stage or in the corner of a dining room covered and not attract attention.

4) Our covers fit like a glove. We tried them on many makes and models of harps to be sure of that.

5) Our covers have tough padding around the top to protect the column, neck and action, especially when sliding your harp in and out of the car.

6) Our covers are light weight and flexible enough to fold easily for storage. At a job, you can  drape it over your harp cart or fold it up and sit on it. At home, it stores easily on a shelf.

7) Our covers can be used with or without a separate column cover or base cover.

8) Our covers are made in the United States by a sail and boat cover maker. They know how to sew things that need to stay sewn.  Their stitching survives hurricanes!
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Why didn’t we use Velcro or a zipper on our cover?  
Velcro wears out after about 200 openings and closings. Working harpists can go through 200 closings in a year.  Also Velcro tends to rip the stitching and pull loose from the cover, leaving you with a cover you can’t close and a long strip of Velcro hanging loose.  Velcro is noisy to open. If you have to unwrap your harp during a rehearsal, you want to do it quietly. Velcro snags on your clothes. Female harpists have told me that Velcro can ruin stockings or dresses.

Zippers are noisy and eventually break, leaving you with a cover that won’t close. Zippers can scratch the harp. A zippered cover has to be unzipped almost completely to access the column to carry or move the harp.

Why no access hole at the column or back of the harp?
Access holes are almost always in the wrong place to grip or pick up the harp. So your only option is to unzip the front almost all the way to pick up the harp. Since our cover is made of soft pliable material, you can grab the back of the harp through the cover. At the column, you just have to untie one tie.

Why is the padding on our cover only at the top of the cover?
Padding on the entire cover just doesn’t add any more protection, and it makes the cover much heavier and  more difficult to handle. Covers with heavy padding on the entire cover are a pain in the neck to store and take up an enormous amount of room.


LARGE: for concert grand harps 72 inches (1.82 meters) or taller.

MEDIUM-A: for semi-grand harps (straight or extended soundboard) 68 to 71 inches (1.73 to 1.80 meters) tall with a crown or top-of-column diameter of 8 inches (20 centimeters) or more.

MEDIUM-B; for semi-grand harps (straight or extended soundboard) 68 to 71 inches (1.73 to 1.80 meters) inches tall without a crown or a top-of-column diameter of less than 8 inches (20 centimeters) .

SMALL: for harps 65 to 67 inches (1.65 meters to 1.70 meters) tall.

All covers are $379 and include FREE SHIPPING within the continental United States.

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*All covers include free shipping within the USA.

International orders and other inquires please contact us here.
Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. Credit Card statement will list purchase as Swanson Harp.


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